Strategy & Operations

We love having a hand in the successes of businesses and individuals, and among the services we offer, (and often tied in with some of our other services), is consulting in the area of strategy and operations. These areas are as key to success as funding and marketing, and should not be overlooked when planning your personal or business development.The services we offer include personal and business development strategy, (includes cost-cutting, revenue-increasing and expansion strategies), customer and marketing strategy, investment acquisition and deal structuring strategy, innovation, business model transformation, and business specific operations advice, which aligns operations to your strategies to ensure that these are implemented successfully.

We offer extraordinary reach, access, and real-world insight to allow for support in this area that address some of the fundamental issues that you may be facing, and show results.


Marketing & Branding

We offer a unique branding and promotion service that connects you to the right people, in an innovative and unconventional way. We create exclusive opportunities that exponentially increase the impact of marketing efforts, allowing for maximum and long-lasting brand recognition, which we help you achieve in a short space of time. If you’re in a crunch, and need high-level exposure fast, then we’re your guys!We think outside the box, creating innovative, unique and engaging concepts that lead to a brand buzz that turns viral. Our intention is to create a memorable brand experience that gains maximum results, from minimal resources, within the shortest space of time. So get in touch… you’ll be blown away by what we can do for your brand!


Why Connect With Us? Because We Offer:

Investments & Deals

Our aim is your success, and we often work with individuals to secure deals and funding toward this end. We don’t claim to be joint venture brokers, what we do claim, is to have a network of individuals and businesses who are looking for a profitable return on viable business ventures. If your business and proposal is one that we believe in, and find of interest, then even if we don’t have interested investors within our pool, we seek to find a match that suits the sector you operate in, as well as the long-term vision you have for your business. It’s true that investors are looking to make money as you are, but we aim for ventures that we facilitate to come together with both sides enter into a partnership, and work closely to ensure that everyone is on the same page about the company’s growth and development and share a common vision as far as is possible.We also offer a high level of expertise in structuring deals in a way that makes them both viable, and attractive to potential investors and have through the years structured deals and secured funds for millions of dollars worth of projects and businesses.