Black Gardenia

Black Gardenia, is an ultra luxury perfume oil that is a favorite of super models Kate Moss and Janice Dickenson, actresses Halle Berry, Rosanna Arquette, Ali MacGraw and Kylie Bax, reality stars Nicole Richie and Paris and Nikki Hilton, photographer David LaChapelle, pop star Britney Spears and rockers Courtney Love, Stevie Nicks and Lenny Kravitz to name a few. Fashion designer Donatella Versace told Life and Style magazine that “she drools over the ultra-exclusive Black Gardenia…” The fragrance has also been featured in People, In Style, Vogue Japan, Bazaar, Platinum and Angeleno.  Check out

Beverly Hills Choppers

Beverly Hills Choppers is best known for the stir it caused among celebrities as a must-have novelty motorcycle range. Plans are currently under way for further development, expansion of the range, and a re-launch.  Check out

NextGen Global

NextGen Global has partnered with Hologram USA, and Filmon TV, which recently filed a registration for an IPO, (you can check out to submit your interest). Together we aim to bring clients and audiences a unique promotional, educational and entertainment experience that utilises the latest technologies allowing for an immersive audience experience. We use digital technologies, primarily for the creation of holographic and virtual reality (VR) focused experiences.

Our hologram offer allows for the use of the patented technology of the Musion Eyeliner 3D system, provided by our partner, Hologram USA. This allows for a unique video projection method, that allows freeform 3D moving images, that appear within a live setting.  Check out


For a Fifty

For A Fifty was developed as a micro-jobs site, and one of the first online marketplaces for South Africans. Designed to connect millions who wanted quality affordable services, with providers who could fulfil this need. Within a few months of developing and expanding the business, it received publicity, interest and a buy-out offer which was accepted.

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Trades & Stocks

We also analyze financial data to assist companies with risk avoidance..

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Ubuntu Rewards

Ubuntu Rewards was set up to offer customers access to an array of discounts at numerous lifestyle partners (in excess of 25), as well as great special offers, vouchers, weekly deals and value added benefits. This innovative programme offered members discounts of up to 20% at our Lifestyle Partners for a low monthly membership fee.

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Strategic Communications

Our broad network with key influencers, we reaches the audience at the right time.

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Helping Hands Loan Assist

Helping Hands Loans acted as a lead generator and administrative agent, for third party loan providers, offering clients a range of loan options, as well as a Value Added Membership service, which included Roadside Assistance, Trauma Assistance, Grocery and Mobile benefits and more.

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Marketing & Sales

Our team supports clients high stakes arbitration and compliance investigations.

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